Oxfordshire in the UK with my husband Chris and our two gorgeous kids.

What does ethical living mean to you?

Loving life!

Have you always felt this way about ethical living?

No. I used to think ethical living was about choosing ‘right’ actions and behaviours. I had a very fixed set of morals and believed the answer to solving our world’s problems was to live by them. This was a pretty joyless experience and I felt a lot of disappointment and despair – especially towards myself. I never thought I’d done ‘enough’. Then I went travelling and a switch flipped. I fell in love with the world and taking care of it became a passion rather than a moral obligation – I saw ‘ethical living’ in a whole new way.

Has ethical living made your life easier?

No, I still struggle my way through life at times. BUT (it’s a big one!) approaching its challenges with love, rather than a long list of shoulds and shouldn’ts, has removed so much guilt about getting life ‘right’. The freedom that comes with it – the freedom to be myself – and the desire to share what I have and do what I can is just unreal. I feel so much more motivated, so much more hopeful and so much more fulfilled.

Are you zero-waste?

No, I’ve got a very long way to go. But working towards it is fun 🙂

Are you plant-based?


Why ethical cheerleader?

One thing I missed at the start of my journey was encouragement. To have someone cheering me on, even if I didn’t ‘know’ them would have made a real difference. My hope with ethical cheerleader, beyond the sharing of ideas and information, is that everyone will feel supported in their ethical living journey. You’re doing good!

How can I support YOU?

Awww thanks! Words of affirmation are my thing so if I’ve shared something that’s helped you, it would make my day to hear it. As an Instagram newbie I also need lots of help getting starting on social media. Sharing my content, recommending accounts to follow, and just generally steering me in a positive and happy direction would all make a massive difference. For financial support (thank you so much!) I’ve created a donation account with Ko-fi.

Are you open to partnerships and collaborations?

Definitely. I’m passionate about coming together to support ethical living – we need each other! If you love life and feel like teaming up to do some good, get in touch.